Dessi wrote a letter to LA supervisor candidate Darrell Park “Dear Darrell Park,
My name is Dessi S. and I am 13 years old. I am writing to you because I like you to oppose the “Big Dig” at the Hahamongna watershed park. The Big Dig project would threaten a lot of needed habitat and it will be harmful to many birds and other wildlife. An endangered bird named the “Least” Bells Vireo nests at the Hahamongna watershed and needs to be protected…….”.



Dessi got his first job with a biologist surveying birds for habitat protection


Dessi lead Young birders and their parents on a round of checking his nest boxes. Dessi points out that cavity nesters need dead trees to nest which is preferred over artificial nest boxes


Dessi went to the Pribilof Islands and Nome in Alaska with four other birding friends. When we went to Alaska last year he decided he wanted to go back to Alaska. He saved enough money to make his dream come true. Thanks to his adult mentors Dessi was able to go. Photos taken by Dessi.

to learn more about how Dessi uses his photography to help birds go to:

you might have to scroll down to find Dessi’s article


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